Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Hear Me Friend

Hear me .. Friend

Friends of ... ..

Listen my problem

Still same as before

Still faithful to tears

Friend ....

Try to whisper to me,

The actual meaning of life

Or put a little light for me

For illuminate the dark of my room

Is it possible to always breath I breathe

And kuhela, just to hold short of this life

And if every heartbeat that I think

Just to feel every scratch wound in love


Do you know how my life lies

The always smiling and laughing

Behind the wounds and tears

And ...

In hiding

Accompanied quiet and cold night

Together teardrop

This wound alone Kubalut

Whatever's the meaning of this exercise

Only sebalut skin wrapping cuts of meat

and bones ...

What is the meaning of all owned

Only to increase fatigue life


Is there an understanding ...

Is there an understanding ....

The meaning of this jeremiad

Now, I ended this stanza

For more words unspoken

And the burden is getting unbearable

I hope there is an understanding

I hope there is an understanding ....

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