Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011


As we sat in kindergarten, we think that a good friend is a friend who lent the red crayon when there are only the black crayon.

In elementary school, we then find that a good friend is a friend who would accompany us to the toilet, holding our hands along the corridor toward the classroom, share lunch with us when we forget to take it.

In junior secondary education, we have an idea if a good friend is a friend who would menyontekkan his homework on us, go along to the party and accompany our lunch.

In high school, we feel that a good friend is the friend who invited us to drive his new car, to convince our parents if we can go home tonight a little, want to hear the sad story when we break up from a boyfriend,

In the next period, we see that a good friend is a friend who is always there, especially in our difficult moments, makes us feel safe through the days like anything else, convinces us that we will pass the test session of our scholars.

And over the years of life, we find that a good friend is a friend who always gives us two good choices, embrace us when we face a daunting problem, help us survive the people who just want to take advantage of us, rebuke when we neglect something, remind when we forget, helping to improve our self confidence, helps us to become a better person, and what's more ... accept ourselves what it is ...

Thanks for being my friend ...

A lot of little heart to my friends

Friends are like Balloons, once you let Them go, you can not get back Them.

So I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you.

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