Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Your Lips Are So Soft

Your Lips Are So Soft
Your Touch Is So Cool
I Am Lost In Your Arms
My Heart Beat Within You
I’m Thinking Of You Every Morning
And Dreaming Of You Every Night
I Love To See You Around
And I’m So Delight In What I Found
Never Have I Fallen In Love That Quick
But I Am Strong And I’m Not Weak,
My Heart Is In Your Hands
Let’s Us Have A Chance.
I Wish We Can Fly In The Sky,
Where The Wind Will Blow Us Away.
I Hold Your Heart In My Hands,
But The Stars Stolen It Away.
I Hold Your Love In My Heart,
And Forever It Will Stay.
I Want Touch The Ocean
I Want It So Deep
My Love Is So Strong
And I Want To Keep.
My Feelings Are Full Like A River
And Will Never End
My Love Is Destiny,
Your Kindness Is Meant
My Love Is Like A Rose
That Will Last Forever
My Love Is The Age Of Reason
And Will Get Better Every Season.
Our Love Is Something Special
We Will Always Fight For It
Through The Years
Sharing Laughter And Tears
And As A Lovers Will Be It..

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