Sabtu, 30 April 2011

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Love homeland
Love of the homeland is an affection and a love of place of birth or his homeland. Love the country that are owned by the Indonesian people are already fading. This we can see from the many cases of corruption, waste littering cause flooding, illegal logging, the number of piracy against certain products until the cases of recent bomb that just happened.

While many people are speculating about the cause of the bombing incident, in fact the root of the problem is the lack of community participation or extinction of love for the fatherland. We call it if they did have a love for the fatherland, then they will not conduct bombings in the country's own there are benefits from this bombing, this tragedy only lead to more bad image of Indonesia in the eyes of the world, so that national income is reduced, may lead to reduction in treasury revenues that result many countries that forbid its citizens to visit Indonesia and the loss of love for our homeland.

The reduced cash income countries resulted in increasingly chaotic economic conditions, the more homeless people in Indonesia, and the poor will increase. And in the end people too, who became the final victim of the impact of this bombing. Those who bombed them also who will feel the consequences.
If only they did have a love for the fatherland are great, they certainly will not do the bombing in their own country, and not also do the bombings in another country. The loss of national identity, a lack of concern for others, lack of love for the fatherland was the one who causes this to happen. Love the country, Indonesia is loving what is, we are one big family which consists of various cultures of each, love it, take pride to be a nation that has a unique culture and love negrimu. Whatever and however this is our country of Indonesia where we breathe, our place of refuge so that love Indonesiamu. We must respect and appreciate the services that generate the Indonesian nation, and do not forget to give spirit to the nation of Indonesia.

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