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Articles Adverbial Clause

Is a subordinate clause use as adverb. It can be used to qualify an adjective, verb or an adverb.
A.    Qualifying adjective:
The student will be pleased if he succeed
Were you dizzy when you flew by plane?
Don’t be impatient where you find the disaster
B.     Qualifying verb
The thief run away after he saw the policeman
Marry put the meat where the cat couldn’t reach it
Fredy doesn’t enter the class because he sick
C.    Qualifying adverb
They train continuouslythat they wish to win the next game.
You mush speak seriously unless you teacher will be ungry with you.
We mush be here until the visitors come
Adverb clauses as commonly use to tell how, when, where, why, how much or under that condition an action of the verb takes place.
1.     He talked as he knew all about it. (telling how he talks)
2.    Before I could say anything she had gone. (telling what happened when she               had gone)
3.    The bandit died  where he was shot. (telling where the bandit died)
4.    In order that you can study well I’ll go. (telling tells why I’ll go)
5.    I can run as fast as he can. (telling how fast I can run)
6.    If you go out in the raining time, you will get drenched to the skin. (it tell under what condition you will get if you go out)

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